Mount TV to wall

    Tip: TV’s can be large and heavy, so have a friend help when lifting it to the wall.

  • Mark the studs keeping in mind theTV should be viewed from seating position approx. two thirds from bottom of screen. Using a stud finder, find the studs in the area you want to mount the TV and mark the centre point of each one. The centre point of a stud is where you’ll drill the holes for the TV VESA Mount.
  • Tape the mount template to the wall. Use a level to make sure the template is straight. TV wall mounts come with a template which indicates the size and location of the holes to drill. You will want to drill four holes in total. The holes on the template must be placed over the centers of the studs, so this will dictate where the TV can be mounted. If the stud locations don’t correspond to exactly where you want the TV to go, you can offset the mounting holes — that’s why there are multiple hole options on the template. You can also adjust where you mount the hardware on the back of the TV.
  • Drill the holes. Use strong mounting screws not the type that come with the VESA mount. Using the drill bit size suggested by the TV mount instructions, drill into four marked hole locations on the template. Drill into the drywall into the middle of the studs, and about a 20/25mm into the stud. For a wooden stud you don’t want to drill the full screw length, just create a pilot hole to guide the screw. If you’re not mounting to drywall, drill a hole the depth of the anchor then insert the anchors into the holes you have drilled. Always double-check the location of the holes before drilling. Once you’ve drilled the holes, remove the template.
  • Attach the mount to the wall. The wall mount itself may be heavy, so, if necessary, have a friend help hold it to the wall as you secure it. If indicated in the instructions, be sure to use any washers. Tighten the hardware so it’s securely mounted but do not tighten it fully, so you can make any necessary adjustments. Place the level on top of the wall mount to confirm it’s level. Adjust if necessary, then finish tightening the screws or bolts fully into the wall.
  • Mount the hardware to the back of the TV VESA Mount. Most wall mounts come with a separate framework section you mount to the back of the TV. Place the frame onto the rear of the TV and line it up with four of the holes there. Ensure the mount is entered both horizontally and vertically unless you need to offset the mount based on the location of your studs. Use the hex wrench to secure the frame to the back of the TV.
  • Fit the TV onto the mount with a friends assistence. Attach the mounting hardware on the back of the TV to the mounting hardware secured to the wall. Do not yet tighten everything firmly as you will now make final adjustments. Place the level on top of the TV and ensure it is level. Make any adjustments and, once level, tighten the screws, bolts, and other hardware. Do a google search for youtube video’s on installing wall mounted TV’s 

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