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I wanted to thank you. I had used a 5m HDMI cable v1.4 between a Yamaha receiver and Sony TV using ARC, but lost Channel 2,24 etc in the process whereas without ARC reception was good. Your 3m HDMI cable resulted in perfect reception again. So it seems not all digital cables are created equally.


Hi Keith,

Just a heads up further to our conversation last week regarding my “handshake” issue. I therefore purchased your HDMI splitter in the hope that it would generate a HDCP compliant signal & pass it on, thus taking the iMac / thunderbolt out of the equation. Let me tell you though, I wasn’t hopeful!… it worked!!!! I imagine if it was your receiver that was non-compliant.

The reason I tell you this is, that I think (through my online research) that these HDCP handshake issues are very widespread & it may be worth you mentioning on your website that this splitter generates it’s own HDCP compliant signal, thus overriding any non-compliant devices & MAY help resolve HDCP handshake issues. I’m sure this will help a lot of people & maybe even help you move a few more units – it’s ok, I don’t want a cut =)


Hi Keith

Firstly let me commend you on your website, easy to use, lots of clear accurate information, they are hard to find. Secondly I received the HDMI cables and the HDMI switch, arrived in less than 3 working days and I live in a small town in the Northern Territory, outstanding service. Thirdly I saw you realised I bought 2 items in separate orders as I messed up my end, without asking, you refunded me one of the postage costs, again, outstanding and unexpected.

I wish you and your business well and thank you for you excellent customer service.

kind regards
Craig B.

Just letting you know we got 2 of the 12.5m cables with a double wall plate and .5m earlier this month. We have now installed them and it works great, once again your cables have proved to be so much better than the junk that was installed previously.
Thank you, Brett

I just finished installing the HDMI/Cat5 extender with IR from EZYHD for my dad, I also used the 1 x2 splitter both ends have HDMI, it works perfectly and I’m extremely happy.
– Eric

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for supplying the superb HDMI cables. They are fabulous. I found them to provide as good a picture but superior sound to some name brand cables I had previously purchased at about 4 times the price! Great value and product performance. Many thanks again.
Regards Peter Haman

Hey guys,
Just want to express my total satisfaction (yet again) with your products and services. Bloody brilliant service – super fast shipping and the BEST prices hands down!!! I love dealing with you guys. (and yes – I recommend you where ever possible).
Thanks again.

I’ll start with the quality of the HDMI Cables. WOW, these really do deliver and perform the way i expected them too. My previous HDMI Cable gave me input lag for my PS3 games on my 3D TV but these cables got rid of the input lag completely and now games are 100% more enjoyable than any other time.
Shipping speed was excellent, received my items with 2 days of ordering. EXCELLENT!. Prices are well affordable. No other shop have I found cables that are so well built for so little price, I will definitely come back to shop here in the future. (Which will be soon because i need a few more)
Overall, this business is the best HDMI shop on the market today in Australia. Prices: 10/10, Quality: 10/10, Shipping: 10/10

What I can say definitively, from experience, is that I have all my equipment connected via EZYHD HDMI cables. I bought 10 of their 1.5 metre cables to connect various components to my receivers, and to connect one of the receiver’s HDMI OUT to my TV. In my theatre room, I use a 12.5 metre cable which runs from my receiver, up a wall cavity, across a ceiling cavity to my projector. The 1.5 metre cables are less than $20 each. The 12.5 metre cable was $75. That’s 11 cables for a total of $275, and I have never experienced so much as a blip in quality with any of the cables.

Thanks for your wonderful service. All other on-line retailers should model their business on yours. Quality products, brilliant packaging and speedy delivery.
Peter S.

Just wanted to let you guy’s know how impressed I am at the speed of delivery and the quality of the cables I received, and i’m being 100% honest when I say that the EZYHD cables are by far the superior cable on build and picture quality. I will be buying ALL of my cables through you guy’s from now on and will also recommend your cables to every one of my customers that asks where to get a good HDMI cable.

I bought 4 HDMI cables the other day and they arrived very quickly. But wait there is more. I am very impressed, they are the highest quality cables, bloody fantastic value for money and the occasional “blockies” I was getting is now completely gone! I’ll be reccemending them to anyone and everyone who needs a good cable.

Just a quick note to say that I’ve received the 2 HDMI cables that I had ordered. They were well packaged and your company was extremely fast on the dispatch. In addition, the cables have got to be some of the most attractive around and with the gold-plated contacts are working a treat. Highly recommended especially at the price.
Best wishes,

Well, I can’t speak highly enough of both the service and quality product I received from EZYHD. Ordered the 3 to 1 HDMI switch on Wednesday afternoon, arrived Friday and it does everything promised. The automatic switching is exactly what I needed and even though the Blu Ray player sends out continuous signal, I just allocated it to the first input as suggested in the instructions and I don’t even have to use the remote!!

Many thanks Keith, I truly appreciate your assistance and advice and the beaut cables which pound for pound are a quantum leap on anything else around!
Cheers, Brian.

I’ve purchased online from quite a few suppliers, and cannot say that it is always a fun experience. You have demonstrated how online buying & prompt shipping SHOULD be done. 2 x 2 metre HDMI cables, 2 working days from Qld. to country SA. WOW!!!
Thank you very much for this experience.

EZYHD i just bought one 2m and one 3m cable. I 100% VOUCH for this supplier. Great service, great product …100% customer satisfaction. If you want HDMI cable buy from EZYHD 🙂
To note i just got foxtel IQ2 and it came with a HDMI cable. The picture was not as great as i suspected. Even the foxtel menu screen was darker than usual. I bought 2 cables 1 for Blueray and 1 for just in case. after a week i thought maybe this is a dud HDMI cable so I swap it from HDMI cable i bought form EZYHD and BAM picture quality improved.
Happy customer here woot! all new customers I vouch for these dudes on this purchace.

I received the HDMI cable late yesterday. It sure is a quality cable. I love the connections it has, and the casing looks great. Hooked it up last night and boy the picture quality is AMAZING. I’m totally over the moon with it, and will definitely be purchasing more of your quality products in the future. I’ve already told my friends they should be purchasing their cables from you.

Just to let you know my HDMI Switcher arrived this a.m. delivered by Express Post, amazing since you only advised me late Wed that you had despatched it. Great service by Express Post, and your goodselves. So- oo quick and have installed and working fine will sing your praises.
Regards John and Gloria.

Received my package and was shocked to see it there so quick. Again a great item for a low price. I have purchased from you several times and i always mention it to family and friends when i here HDMI brought up. Keep up the awesome work!

Out of the three different online stores i recently purchased – projector, mount, and cables – ezyhd came through with the goods in two days and with notifications at every stage from order through to delivery. Very satisfied with the end result beautiful clean picture from the 10m cable. Thanks. Matt.

HDMI and Optical cables received, with thanks. I’m very impressed with the efficient service that you provide.
Look the cables look great: a lot classier than the average over-priced plastic rubbish! I’m looking forward to getting everything connected.

I received my order today (it was sitting at the post office for a couple of days). Thank you very much for such prompt service and delivery. Not to mention the communication was second to none.
I will happily recommend your business to others.
Thanks once again

After testing the cables and splitter box all worked, with the gear just laying on the floor I spent all day Saturday installing the cables and splitter box.
The cables were much thicker than I expected which meant a battle to get them through the walls but it is worth it.
We get crystal clear 1080i Foxtel images in the kitchen and bedroom – makes the older analogue widescreen in the lounge look at little muddy now!
I’ll post a few notes on the web forums about the set up and your great service.
All the best, Paul

Everyone who uses the DTV Forum should know about EZYHD. Check out the prices for HDMI cables in the big hi-fi/video stores, for example a three metre HDMI cable cost $150- this would have to be three or four hundred percent markup. Then go to the EZYHD site and see the pricing you would have to have rocks in your head not to buy your cables from EZYHD. Excellent quality, Rapid delivery & totally secure on-line buying with a credit card, what more could you want?

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