Just a heads up further to our conversation last week regarding my “handshake” issue. I therefore purchased your HDMI splitter in the hope that it would generate a HDCP compliant signal & pass it on, thus taking the iMac / thunderbolt out of the equation. Let me tell you though, I wasn’t hopeful!… it worked!!!! I imagine if it was your receiver that was non-compliant.

The reason I tell you this is, that I think (through my online research) that these HDCP handshake issues are very widespread & it may be worth you mentioning on your website that this splitter generates it’s own HDCP compliant signal, thus overriding any non-compliant devices & MAY help resolve HDCP handshake issues. I’m sure this will help a lot of people & maybe even help you move a few more units – it’s ok, I don’t want a cut =)


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