Split HDMI to TV – Audio to Receiver – Soundbar

For one reason or another many want to split HDMI to a Projector / TV or Soundbar for FTA/4k video and also to a receiver for audio via a HDMI splitter, well no that doesn’t usually work unless both device and receiver have similar specifications.

Reason is – feeding HDMI from splitter to strip out audio does not work why…

HDMI signal path – any device which sits between a Source and a Sink (Display) is called a Repeater (that may be an AVR, HDMI Switch, HDMI Matrix, HDMI Extender…) and must support the same range of signal formats and HDCP version as the Source and Display maximum capabilities if you want to get the best out of your system.

Where you have a ‘legacy’ AVR (capable of 1080p, non-Atmos with HDCP 1.4) sitting in the middle of an all 4K UHD, HDR with Atmos audio system it will limit what audio and video the Source can send to the Sink (Display) and AVR. 

The HDFury AVR key ‘isolates’ the Source and Sink (Display) from the legacy AVR so the HDMI cable from the AVR key to the Sink (Display) carries full capability Video and the second HDMI cable from the AVR key to the AVR carries the maximum audio quality the AVR caters for.

Within an HDMI signal there are no dedicated Audio lines, the audio signal is encoded into the video signal which means the AVR must ‘see’ a Video signal it understands before it can lock to and decode the audio, the AVR key replaces the 4K UHD video signal with a ‘dummy’ blank image at 720p or 1080p with HDCP 1.4 on its ‘AVR’ Output so that the AVR can ‘lock’ to the signal.

So that’s where the unique and brilliant HDFury AVRKey or new Integral2 come into their own plus offer much more. check them out here: https://www.ezyhd.com.au/shop/hdfury-integral2-4/


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