Long HDMI Cable 7m – 20m


HDMI Cable 5 Year WarrantyLatest HDMI cable v2.0 2K 1080p to 4K@30HZ with triple shielding reduces signal interference has additional inner core thickness for long runs. The long HDMI cable is from a fully certified adopter so complies HDMI standards, and all are latest High Speed. Tip: Long cables with total length 10m best to use one run not join them.

These brilliant HDMI cables provide excellent High Definition Video and multi-channel audio connection between digital AV devices and high definition displays. A perfect cable for those with a Projector or  TV further away from a receiver for instance. See specifications below.

Select cable length and No. required from drop down menu and continue to add other items to the cart if you wish.. Plus see our brilliant wall plates for that neat finish!

For HDMI long 4K cables 10m to 100m consider the Ruipro Fibre Optic for true 4k@60Hz UHD Vision  super fast to 18.2Gbps, colour subsampling of 4:4:4 with deep colour, brand new item to Australia one of the best HDMI 4K cables on the planet! 5 star reviews like no other, Many HDMI 10m and over profess to be 4K@60HZ but few can meet the demand for true 4K video and colour.



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  • Ideal for Ultra HDTVs
    Supports higher bandwidth up to 18Gbps
    Supports 2K/4K@60Hz 0.5m – 10m
    Supports 2K/4K@30Hz 1om- 20m
    3D over HDMI
    x.v. enhanced color space
    Auto lip-sync
    HDMI Ethernet Channel
    Audio Return Channel
    Gold plated connectors
    Cable plug width 22mm  -depth 12mm
    High purity Oxygen Free Copper
    High density aluminium foil shield

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7m, 10m, 12.5m, 15m, 20m


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