Lenkeng LKV383 Cat HDMI RX LAN Receiver


Additional RX receiver for Lenkeng LKV383 sending unit via LAN hub . This HDbitT HDMI Extender can deliver a full HD 1080P HDMI signal up to 120m. It extends and then split by network devices, compatible with existing network, and intelligent auto adjustment to match cable length. Can add RX up to a  max is 253.
Requires LKV383 sender unit here and if you need a Cat hub see here.

think HDMI think EZYHD since 2007





  1. Up to 120m HDMI Extender over IP with IR pass-through
  2. HDMI signal extender over single CAT5/5e/6 cable
  3. Extend and split by LAN (delivery by Router/switch)
  4. Compatible with existing network, does not affect Internet
  5. Plug and play without any manual setting
  6. Best if used with 22aawg/23awg Cat6 cable (lower awg No. thicker cable is)



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