HDMI Cat Splitter 1×3 + IR control

Lenkeng LKV712PRO, New Model

This HDMI extender splitter can connect up to 3 TV’s from a source device like DVD, Blu Ray, Foxtel etc. to 40m via the TX sender and 1 HDMI cable to a local TV, uses a single CAT6+ cable (one each) to the 2 RX receivers plus short HDMI to the displays and no streaming lag as its a direct connection. Note: 23awg or 24awg Cat6 cable is recommended (lower awg No.thicker cable is)

Supports high resolution of 1920×1080@60Hz, and it supports IR (pass back) control of source device, EDID pass through and only one power adapter for the TX transmitter is required, this is the ideal solution for a 3 room instal. This unit is so popular alreay being first 1 x 3 to market. See offers top of page

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1.  Distribute 1 HDMI source up to 3 HDMI displays over network cable simultaneously.
2.  Support one HDMI Loop-out.
3.  Compatible with CAT6/6a/7 cables.
4.  The transmission distance is up to 40m
5.  The highest resolution supported is 1920×1080@60Hz.
6.  Support 20~60Hz IR pass back.
7.  Support EDID Setting function.
8.  Support power from transmitter to receiver unit over the CAT6 cable.
9.  Plug and play.
10.Can be wall mounted, easy installation.

Use 22/23 awg Cat6 cable (lower awg No. thicker cable is)
Installation instructions sent with each order

1 x TX sender – 1 in 3 out
2 x RX receivers
1 x IR Sender
2 x IR Blasters
1 x AU 5V power supply



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