HDMI Matrix 4×2 New 2K/4K


This brilliant new model HDMI Matrix 4×2 Ultra HD 2K/4K Switcher – Splitter allows for 4 devices in and out to 2 TV’s all in high definition video in highest resolutions, can run one of the 4 input devices to one TV and another device to second TV at same time 😄, plus multichannel digital audio via Optical/SPDIF from any of the four HDMI sources to any two displays.

The HDMI Matrix 4×2 eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect sources to or from display equipment. It works with HD-DVD players, Blue Ray DVD, PS3, and Satellite set top boxes. Every source is accessible at all times by any display by selecting it with the (included) IR remote. Switch easily between any two of four HDMI sources to 2 TV’s. See specifications below. Only 5.. oops no, 2 left!

Sent every business day at 2pm Qld time (not from some foreign port nor drop shipped!)
Local warranty applies from trusted EZYHD since 2007.

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1. Support display resolutions up to 4K x 2K@30Hz,1080P@120Hz,and 1080P 3D@60Hz
2. 3D HDMI 1.4a video format support.
3. 3D video support including Frame packing for all 3D formats up to a 297MHz TMDS clock.
4. Supports deep color up to 48-bit per pixel.
5. HDC 1.4 support (INPUT), HDC v1.4a protocol compliant (OUTPUT).
6. Supports audio HDMI specification 1.4 – ad L-PCM at up to 192kHz, compressed audio,DSD,DSTand HBR
7. Full colorimetry including sYCC601,Adobe RGB,Adobe YCC601,xvYCC extended gamut color
8. Operates for TMDS clock frequencies up to 300MHz

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