HDMI Extender Splitter Cat5/Cat6 to 120m + HDbitT

Lenkeng LKV383


This brilliant Lenkeng LKV383 HDMI extender splitter set and can extend HDMI 1080p video up to 120 meters over single Cat 22/23 awg, Cat5E/Cat6+ to 100M and Cat5 Max 80M and most of all can be distributed by network routers or switchers to cascade connection over a network to as many TV’s as required (with LKV383 RX receivers).

Also has HDbitT high definition digital protocol which provides better stable performance and image clarity. Also has IR to control media playback of the signal source device from display location. Suitable for Blu ray DVD players, STB and Foxtel (if IQ3 requires IR remote). Comes as one pair –  1x RX sender and 1 x RX receiver (for additional receivers). See specs below.

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  • Software protocol: HDbitT V1.0
  • Bandwidth to 18Mbps
  • HDMI Signal: Compatible with HDCP
  • Support resolutions: 480i@60HZ, 480p@60HZ, 576i@50HZ, 576p@50HZ,  720p@50/60HZ, 1080i@50/60HZ, 1080p@50/60HZ
  • Network Cable: UTP/STP Cat5/5e/6
  • Transmission distance up to 120m transmission distance
  • IR signal: Supports 20-60HZ IR devices
  • Power Supply: DC 5V 1A
  • Power Consumption: TX:3.5W; RX:3W
  • Dimensions: 96.8 (W) × 94 (D× 23.7 (H) *2pcs
  • Weight: TX:45g – RX:142g
  • Colour: Black
  • Best use 22/23awg Cat cable (lower awg No. thicker cable is)
  • Run direct from deviceto RX receivers
  • Use correct – HDMI TX sender and RX receiver. Insert power supply and IR blaster
  • Do not plug-in/out the cables, while switched on.
  • Use correct supplied DC 5V power supply

Instal Info:
Use 22/23 awg Cat6 cable (lower awg No. thicker cable is)
Instal direct from device STB, Blu Ray, DVD player, Foxtel etc. to TV’s
All cables should be seated correctly into and out of device and splitter
Cat cable pins wired to “B” standard
HDMI cables should be high speed v1.3, v1.4, v2.0+ and min. 28awg or less
Instal direct from device STB, Blu Ray, DVD player, Foxtel etc. to TV’s


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