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Huge seller, fantastic quality/price for a Professional instal.

These new Banana’s are a better design and superb quality, these are the best Banana’s plugs we’ve ever seen! Very neat and very impressive, expect to pay up to $10 per set… not here!. No more messing about with wire trying to install into your receiver, no bare wires touching.

What is a banana plug?
Banana plugs are useful to ‘terminate’ your speaker cables and make for a nice neat install and save any short circuits by not using bare cable ends. The pin has springs on the sides and depresses once inserted into receiver amplifier, keeping the plug in place. The rear of a receiver isn’t easy to get to and the amount of space between the binding posts is usually very close.

Attaching Banana plugs
To install a Banana plug set is very simple, there is one cable for red and another for black for correct polarity, prepare cable ends by removing 2cm or so of outer covering, fold copper cable over with a twist, undo end knurled screw, insert one cable into side and do up. Make sure there are no cable strands hanging out and that you insert into correct cable colour (should have a red stripe or such on one cable strand and black on the other strand), insert each colour into correct corresponding binding post on receiver and speaker, failure to do so can lead to no audio, speaker or receiver faults.

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  • Open Screw Type Banana Plugs with lug.
  • Can accept 12 to 18 AWG speaker wires.
  • Color coded black/red rings for maintaining proper polarity.
  • Secure, positive contact with binding posts.
  • Corrosion resistant, gold plated finish.
  • Copper body construction and ferromanganese tips. Gold plated.
  • Single order is one pair of 2 Banana plugs – one red, one black banded).



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