Projector and Home Theatre sites Etc.

Over the past 20 years so we’ve been posting on quite a few home theatre sites and Stereonet would have to top the bill, they have more forums than others, so no matter what it is in HT its the go to place for Visual & Audio, Of course not as specialised in HT with one forum  Whirlpool is another one, I guess it must be one of the most visited sites in OZ with forums for just about anything you can poke a stick at, not just HT, but Travel, Motoring, Computer, IT, Mobile Phones & Pads and a lot, lot more.

My hobby has been travel, been fortunate enough to complete more than 70 trips overseas, and around the world twice mostly in J (bus.),  using cash and frequent flyer points, latter gathered in many ways, with credit card churn, CC referrals, business and personal  purchases, car rego, rates etc. etc., have also purchased  AA (American Airline) and AS (Alaskan Mile/Points) to sit up the pointy end and near half the price, and where did I learn most of this? on Australian Frequent Flyer, a great bunch of helpful in the know lovers of all thing travel.




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