Mini Optical Adapter


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Mini Optical Adapter

You have your Macbook or PC laptop all hooked up to video but you need sound from your computer, here is the solution, just add this adapter along with a standard Optical (Toslink) cable and away you go, problem solved. Converts Mini Optical Toslink plug to Optical standard size. Very well made and with gold plated tip for corrosion resistance.

Toslink to mini optical adapters have a graded index optical fiber to improve sound quality by greatly reducing signal jitter and optical noise. Its polished optical fiber tip for allows for low insertion losses preventing reductions in the digital audio signal strength.

Its graded index optical fiber greatly improves sound clarity by reducing signal jitter and noise in our Toslink to mini optical cable. The polished and coated Toslink to mini optical fiber tip maintains signal strength and quality by reducing the insertion loss. The Toslink to mini optical cable’s moulded connector body provides a solid platform for easy installation and durability.

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Mini Optical Adapter