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HDFury Diva

* HDFury Diva 4k
* Extract full Atmos/Dolby Digital HDMA or DTS Master Audio from ARC or EARC
* Enable super active cool ambient LED display
* Enable LLDP Dolbyvision for HDR10 displays
* Extract EARC and send it to a HDMI reciever/soundbar
* Trigger display video modes based on incoming signal metadata,
* Change gama curves for different HDR MaxCLL values of incoming video.
* Switch and split video from a source to a 4KTV
* FIX HDMI DID compatibility issues.
* Alter or limit audio streams sent.
* Create a 1080P or 4K copy of a signal to send to a distribution matrix
* Extract an analog or toslink audio copy to send to distribution matrix or soundbar
* Extract ARC audio from display send to distribution matrix or Soundbar.
* Provide a 4x2 matrix switch with ability to customise the EDID sent to the source,
Solutions are only limited by your imagination!
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HDFury Diva 4k a Masterpiece

The HDFury Diva 4k is another masterpiece from the HDFury development team, built to disrupt, revolutionize and bring delight to the AV World.
Hardware-wise the HDFury Diva 4k features 4 HDMI inputs. 1 HDMI video output with scaling option, 1 HDR, SDR 1080p output, and 1 dedicated HDMI full audio output at 720p or 1080p. LAN Control, RS232, L/R stereo or Optical 5.1 output, Led Control, IR RX, IR/Light sensor, IR window, OLED display. 4 buttons on the side allow to enter/exit and perform changes in the device system menu. Software-wise, HDFury Diva 4k provides full control via the embedded HDfury webserver! The need of a dedicated computer with a special driver to run configuration software or update is now a thing of the past!. You can use any web browser-based device such as any computer or smartphone to access and update Diva Central.
All inputs are capable of 4K HDR/HLG/DV/LLDV/HDR10 up to 18Gbps for video and support any sound format in existence today, HDMI TX0 video output is capable of outputting 18Gbps and all sound formats as well. Diva is always running in a Matrix/Scaler mode ensuring your setup remains optimized at its best capabilities.
Further than anything ever made HDFury Diva 4k with improved HDR management features. Also added some new features never seen before. TMDS switching for all inputs allow to auto-switch sources such as ATV4K, X1X, or Shield that no other switch on the market has. World First eARC HDMI 2.1 breakthrough: HDFury Diva now support ARC and eARC sound extraction from TV for up to Atmos. High bit rate over TrueHD forwarded to any AVR input via Diva HDMI audio output (ARC-Key feature).
All HDfury legacy features remain present, each input EDID can be set individually from a list of 100 EDID, HDCP conversion. Scaling and signal operations such as Chroma/Color depth/Color space, PJ&Display. Also macro, Info frames modes, CEC command, ARC, HTPC mode, special modes, sound extraction, and more.
All setup information is visible at first sight via OLED, On-Screen Display or Webserver. Diva is the smart solution and converter for interoperability between any HDMI revision equipment. For content creators, calibrators, streamers, UHDTV retail, show sites and home cinema and much more.
Full Diva specifications here.
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