HDMI Splitters

The brilliant HDMI 1×2 Splitter over Cat6 40m 4k!, 70m!, auto downscales 4k to 1080p, HDBitT to 18Gps, with device control like Apple TV and Foxtel, will reach out our store this month and at an unheard of price compared to others.
We have 1×2 – 1×4 splitters 4k/2k can send 4k to TV1 and downscale 4k to 2k (1080p) to TV2 over HDMI cable to max of 15m.
Also the HD 1080p HDMI over Cat 1×2, 1×3, 1×4 splitters have device control (like Foxtel) from distant TV/s and go to 40m too, very popular.

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