New 2k/4k HDMI Splitter + 8k 1m/3m HDMI cables arriving Jan 2021

About to enter our 14th year and commenced before HDMI was popular in 2007, we’ve sent thousands of items across Oz and NZ to some 40,000+ customers from Ballarat to Bondi and beyond, yet never ever seen sales like this past 9 months, and on occasions ran out of various Ruipro 4k/8k cable lengths and HDFury models, two of the most popular brands with massive demand, now stocked up to see what next few months hold.
The big news is new Ruipro HDMI Copper cables (with no expensive micro chips), all HDMI Certified in 1m, 2m and 3m x 8k, all at competitive pricing compared to other similar leading brands like Ruipro.
We are now stocking the very latest 1×2 and 1×4 HDMI downscaling Auto Splitters from Foxun so suitable for iQ4, BR players etc when 4k and older 1080p TV’s are in the mix see here.


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