Latest HDMI cable and EZYHD news

EZYHD now has on board one of the largest suppliers and developers in OZ, first order 20 HDFury units, also, they have now tested the mighty Ruipro Fibre Optic cable, were very impressed and forward orders will be forthcoming we’re told. Two other major players in AV supply’s have joined the fold one a former customer so pleased about that.

It does seem we just can’t get enough of the HDMI 4k/1080p HDMI splitters that work so well with AppleTV4 and iQ4 when sending to TV’s with varius 4k/1080 resolutions (called downscaling), so much so we’ve doubled our factory order yet again!.

EZYHD enters its 13 year and we are excited to see our 40,000th customer arriving soon, quite a hallmark from our commencement way back in 2007, we’ve learnt a lot as have our loyal band of customers.

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