Ok we all know how to plug cables etc. in but there are other instal matters in the equation.

If your building a new house its time to put the head to work, first up run Cat6 or better from one central point (like where your receiver is) to all bedrooms or other places you might need audio and vision at some point in time. With the advance of HDMI via Cat Splitters, Switchers and other devices you’ll be so glad you did. Of course you can run HDMI too if you wish.

Another good tip is, if a cable is going into a stud wall turn one cross noggin sideways in that place, so when you get to put that TV on the wall later its ezy (did I say EZY with no HD! mmm) with a stud finder, also have your sparky put a power point ready for the TV wall instal too. Not forgetting our brilliant neat cable wall plates for that pro look – go check em out on site.

Keep in mind when installing TV mounts – TV brackets – always bolt them to gyprock frames or into brick with large bolts, never just onto plaster board – we don’t want it to fall off the wall do we:)

When installing long cables in walls and ceiling like for projectors make sure you don’t disturb the HDMI plug, always best to send cable down that up and wrap it well too before doing so.

Always turn off devices before plugging in or removing HDMI cables, if not you wont be the first to get a spike and then it can be all over red rover.

Save yourself a bundle of & buy purchasing cables and other items if having our sparky doing the instal. If a new abode mark each cable with masking tape as to what it is then wrap the lot of in a bag, cloth close with masking tape or the like etc. to stop any possible damage by trades.

Building or not instal a few of our ubeaut double power points with 2 USB built in, even have flaps to keep dust out, great for charging up those mobile phones and pads without searching for an adapter.

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