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HDMi Cable Brilliant build and shielded HDMI cables - latest High Speed to 4k, from 0.5m to 100m, shipped thousands over the years, See the mighty Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables for 4k projectors 10m up to 100m when only the best will do! Click Here Caption Text6 SEE BLOG ABOVE FOR LATEST INFO & IDEAS HDMI Split New Click Here HDMI Split, Switch to other TV's from AppleTV and Foxtel via HDMI or HDMI over Cat6 cable. HDMI Fibre New Click Here See the mighty Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables for 4k HT and Venue projection when only the best will do! HDFury New Click Here
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Customer Testimonials


Fantastic unit works great with iQ4 to my 4K TV and down scales to my other 1080p TV its highly recommended, the service and advice A1 reason Ezyhd has a good reputation, thanks Keith.Ross R.
Ross R.
Just installed the new HDMI Cat Extender with HDMI out, had run of 35m Cat6, works perfectly to both TV’s, being able to control from another room is a bonus.
I bought 4 HDMI cables the other day and they arrived very quickly. But wait there is more. I am very impressed, they are the highest quality cables, bloody fantastic value for money and the occasional "blockies" I was getting is now completely gone! I'll be reccemending them to anyone ...
Just wanted to let you guy's know how impressed I am at the speed of delivery and the quality of the cables I received, and i'm being 100% honest when I say that the EZYHD cables are by far the superior cable on build and picture quality. I will be ...
What I can say definitively, from experience, is that I have all my equipment connected via EZYHD HDMI cables. I bought 10 of their 1.5 metre cables to connect various components to my receivers, and to connect one of the receiver's HDMI OUT to my TV. In my theatre room, ...
I'll start with the quality of the HDMI Cables. WOW, these really do deliver and perform the way i expected them too. My previous HDMI Cable gave me input lag for my PS3 games on my 3D TV but these cables got rid of the input lag completely and now ...
Just want to express my total satisfaction (yet again) with your products and services. Bloody brilliant service - super fast shipping and the BEST prices hands down!!! I love dealing with you guys. (and yes - I recommend you where ever possible). Thanks again.
Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for supplying the superb HDMI cables. They are fabulous. I found them to provide as good a picture but superior sound to some name brand cables I had previously purchased at about 4 times the price! Great value and product performance. Many ...
I just finished installing the HDMI/Cat5 extender with IR from EZYHD for my dad, I also used the 1 x2 splitter both ends have HDMI, it works perfectly and I'm extremely happy.
Just letting you know we got 2 of the 12.5m cables with a double wall plate and .5m earlier this month. We have now installed them and it works great, once again your cables have proved to be so much better than the junk that was installed previously.
Firstly let me commend you on your website, easy to use, lots of clear accurate information, they are hard to find.     Secondly I received the HDMI cables and the HDMI switch, arrived in less than 3 working days and I live in a small town in the Northern Territory, ...
CraigHDMI Cable & Switcher
Just a heads up further to our conversation last week regarding my "handshake" issue. I therefore purchased your HDMI splitter in the hope that it would generate a HDCP compliant signal & pass it on, thus taking the iMac / thunderbolt out of the equation. Let me tell you though, ...
NIckHDMI Splitter
I wanted to thank you. I had used a 5m HDMI cable v1.4 between a Yamaha receiver and Sony TV using ARC, but lost Channel 2,24 etc in the process whereas without ARC reception was good. Your 3m HDMI cable resulted in perfect reception again. So it seems not all ...
MichaelHDMI Cable v1.4
Hi Keith, I tried the other HDMI extenders that I used to use (as I can use them through a network switch which suited this particular job better) but when it did not work, purchased yours again, worked first go and $50 cheaper!
GregCairns Home Theater


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