HDMI Version 2.1 not just now

There will be a new cable with HDMI 2.1, but you don’t need to upgrade just yet. While there is a plethora of new upgrades including massive bandwidth to 48Gbps bandwidth it will be a years before you’ll see it being provided FTA television (if ever) and programs movies be available. If you’ve got your eye on a fancy new high-end 8k TV though currently best to save up as like when 4k was introduced was a huge price for early birds.

However, current HDMI High Speed cables will work even when when passing HDMI 2.1 but will need new cables to take advantage of all of these new features and resolutions. Now if your building and want to future proof your new HT TV or Projector set up and saving a cable replacement later, well the new Ruipto 8k series just released here to world markets is the go.

Keep in mind its not possible upgrade your current TV to 2.1 spec, and there are no HDMI 2.1 sources yet other than $8/10K TV’s . This update is quite large and will initially suit gamers as so few 8k movies exist. By the way the Tokyo Olympics is being shot in 8k!.

You should be able to get 4K/60 with current HDMI cables bit above that for 8k/60 and 16 bit colour with wide colour gambit the new Ultra High Speed HDMI cables will be required. Many new builds are adding the new Ruipro 8k cables as of now.

When you see HDMI 2.1 cables take it with a grain of salt, there never has been HDMI cables numbered that is reserved for input devices and displays, the current HDMI cables are “High Speed” new will be called “Ultra High Speed”.


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