HDMI Splitter a helpful guide and setup

Currently one has to consider what TV’s there are in use 4k/4k or 4k/1080p then lengths required. The HDMI cable type have limitations like 5m for a 4k TV and 15m for a 1080p TV, HDMI over Cat6 can be 40m for 4kTv and 70m to 1080p.

To use a mixture of both resolutions one must use what is called a downscaling splitter and they are limited to a few models, if not the  1080p TV more than likely will have a blank screen.

So far downscaling models are available, but as far as I know over 15m limited to 1×2, however we expect this to change in coming months with 1×4 HDMI over Cat splitters appearing in the market place. The best feature of using HDMI Cat is they come with IR device control, so for instance using a iQ3/4 then a simple conversion from Bluetooth to IR remote is all that is required or a former iQ2  remote will do the job.

The latest is this one a 1×2 but can be 1×3 and will run any configuration over HDMI Cat6 of 4k and 1080p TV’s.

Setting up our HDMI cabled 1×2 & 1×4 Splitter (set & forget)








HDMI Splitter set up:
Plug all cables into the HDMI splitter and turn on the splitter and TVs.
For TV’s connected that are all 4K 
No further setup is required. If for some reason you are not getting 4K on all TV’s, please follow the “For 4K and 1080P” directions below.
For 4K and 1080p
1. Make sure the 4K TV is in HDMI output 1. Go to the 4K TV settings
and disable HDMI 2.0 Enhanced mode (Please refer to your TV
manufacturers user guide), HDMI 2.0 Enhanced mode may be referred
as HDR or another term). Please note you will need to do this for all
4K TV’s connected to the splitter. If your TV does not support
HDMI 2.0 Enhanced mode you can skip this step.
2. Using a pen press into the hole 1 or more times until light 2 blinks on
and off (mode 2), then turn the splitter off and back on at the switch.
3. Once you confirm you have a signal on all TV’s, you can now go to the
4K TV and enable HDMI 2.0 Enhanced mode.
4. If TV’s are changed or added, a Mode Reset may be required.
For 1080P on all TV’s
If you wish to force a 1080P signal on all connected TV’s, press pen
into hole 1 or more times until light 1 starts to blink (mode 1), then turn
the splitter off and back on at the switch, the splitter output is lower
resolution priority.
For example, if you have 4 displays mixed of 1080p, 4K, the splitter
output will be 1080p across all TVs.

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