HDMI Fibre cable EZYHD is No. 1

Was having a good chat to the CEO of the mighty Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cable yesterday that EZYHD represents here in OZ, he mentioned with the huge take up achieved in Australia that we are heading to be No. 1 Distributor World Wide again! (had highest sales in 2018), now that sure made our day.

The Ruipro has the runs on the board and is revered on the likes of AVS and Amazon USA with hundreds of glowing reviews from projector users, so this speaks for itself.  Sales here to the IT sector has been excellent using our unique 4k@60Hz Diplayport to HDMI adapter. Some large orders have been sent direct from Factory to customers door with many arriving via DHL Express within 4 days of order placement.

On visit to the factory in Guangdong last October it as a sight to see how different and labour intensive the cables are to manufacture compared to normal copper based as the micro chips were inserted into the source and display plugs using a microscope, also pointed out was the high quality of cable used and being a Hybrid they don’t require external power, and being one piece is a plus.

Can see the Ruipro Range here.

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