Suit AppleTV, iQ2/3/4, Blu Ray etc. Some models provide 4k and 1080p at same time for Fox boxes – look for downscaler. We have the full range of Blustream and Lenkeng available be on site soon, please enquire.

  • HDMI Splitter 1×2 Downscales 4k@60Hz – 1080p suit iQ4


    This is a fantastic HDMI splitter, shipped out over 750 to date! – suit iQ4, Apple TV 4, Blu Ray 4k. Can automatically downscale Foxtel IQ4 – UHD 4k input to 1080p HD TV, split to HDMI TV’s in either 4k and 1080p or 4k/4k. HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0b standard, supports 4K 60HZ , Dolby Vision when available . Can provide a host of video formats like HDR, HLG and 4K Dolby Vision etc. when available. Does 4k up to 5m and 1080p to 15m, need 1080p longer add our HDMI extender.

    Read specifications below.
    Case colour black, Aussie setup guide included.
    Use only High Speed HDMI cables
    Longer transmission and other features to 40m/70m see HDMI Cat6 splitter here.

    and full Aussie warranty.
    think HDMI think… EZYHD est. 2007
  • HDMI Splitter 1×4 Scaler 4k/2k – iQ4 – AppleTV4



    This fantastic HDMI splitter new to OZ 2019 suits iQ2/3/4, Apple TV4 etc. , it provides up to 4k on TV1 then can auto downscale Foxtel IQ4  to other non HD  TV’s (if required). Can input signal split to up to 4 HDMI TV’s in either 4k and 1080p or 4k/4k. HDCP 2.2 and HDMI2.0b enabled.

    Supports 4K 60HZ 4:4:4 HDR, HLG and 4K Dolby Vision when available to TV’s.  Max distances 4k – 5m,  15m – 1080p using 26awg HDMI cables. For longer transmission to 40m/70m see HDMI over Cat6 splitter hereProvides video formats when available: HDR, HLG and 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby True HD, Dolby DTS, Dolby Atmos etc. This model has front on/off switch and can be up to 4 TV”s. Also see the HDMI over Cat6 splitter here 40m 4k and 70m 1080p also has IR Device control. Please see Description & Reviews below!

    transmission and HDMI/Cat6 Extender here
    Read Specifications below.
    Black model with simple Aussie set up guide
    Please use Quality “High Speed” HDMI cables with this device.

    plus full Aussie no hassle warranty
    from trusted EZYHD est. 2007


    HDMI Splitter 1×4 Scaler 4k/2k – iQ4 – AppleTV4

  • HDMI Cat Splitter 1×2 EDID IR suit 1080p TV

    Features important EDID management, which allows and encourages source and display “handshake” for seamless integration. This HDMI 1×2 1080p HD extender splitter over single Cat5e/6 with IR extends high definition video and audio signals and IR to a distance up to 50m over a single Cat5e/6 cable.

    HDMI Cable from source device into TX sender then one HDMI cable out to nearest TV, then CAT cable to RX receiver and short HDMI cable out to TV two. so easier instal. Has deep colour video, DTS-HD or Dolby True HD audio is supported and in addition, the extender is also equipped with pass-through which allows for IR source control. The receiving unit is responsible for equalising the transmitted HDMI signal and reconstructing IR control signals. It’s the perfect solution for say Foxtel without possible streaming lag.

    Available now, sent every business day at 2pm from Qld (not from some foreign port) and with Australian warranty of course from EZYHD est. 10 years.

  • HDFury Linker brilliant downscaler and more

    No HDMI boundaries | One device link them all!

    HDfury Linker is a 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps HDMI2.0a Level A capable scaler built for system integrators and advanced users that will please everyone else as well. By supporting the max bandwidth and data transfer rate of the HDMI2.0a standard and by offering new scaling modes, options and possibilities to convert and always fed optimum signal through all existing HDMI and HDCP revision, Linker is set to cross all HDMI boundaries. Linker is capable of connecting any HDMI/HDCP revision sources devices to any HDMI/HDCP revision sink devices @ their best capabilities. 
    If you ever see the following statement: “this TV does not support HDCP 2.2. Make sure you have HDCP 2.2 capable TV” or a similar HDCP error message, and even if you fixed such issue with Integral or others but run into limitations like signal unsupported, blackscreen, not getting the best signal to your display from all your sources or no AVR audio available when 4K signal is running or any others, make sure you never see any of them again with the HDfury Linker! Featuring 2 inputs and 1 output, HDfury Linker can act as Scaler, Switcher, Infoframe and HDR metadata Injector and Extractor with Sound, HDCP Doctor, HDMI Doctor, EDID management and more… Discover the tomorrow’s hardware today!. Before ordering this item see instructions below.

    think HDMI think EZYHD est. 2007

  • HDMI Cat Splitter 4k/1080p HDBaseT suit iQ4


    The new Colorspace 1×2 / 1×3 HDMI Splitter Extender supports HDBaseT 4K@60Hz, YUV4:4:4 colour and HDR, it can provide up to 40m at 4k and to 70m 1080p complete with auto down scaler for when a 4k TV is used  with 1080p TV’s. Supports HDMI 2.0 18Gbps, HDR10, HDCP 2.2, Bi-Directional IR POE. Uncompressed 4K@60Hz, with HDBaseT over Cat6.

    This extender is a fantastic Video & Audio device with HDMI 2.0 full compliance, latest high dynamic range, plus Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio when available and also compatible with other HD multi-channel audio formats (Stereo, LPCM 5.1/7.1) pass through. Extends IR signal from source to receiver or from transmitter to receiver (bi-directionalI POE. Phoenix RS232 Port for firmware update or RS232 control signal transmission.

    Has 1 HDMI cable loop out at transmitter and 2 x HDMI out at Receiver, can connect one local TV at transmitter and one or two remote TVs at receiver. Output 1080P 60Hz automatically when a non-HDCP 2.2 4k display is connected, comes complete with IR device control. Great unit for use with Foxtel iQ4, AppleTV4 etc.  yes folk’s nothing gets near this at the price!.

    Newer model to world markets.
    See specs below.
    with full Aussie warranty of course!
    think HDMI think EZYHD est. 2007


    HDMI Cat Splitter 4k/1080p HDBaseT suit iQ4

  • HDMI 1×5 Splitter Cat6 4k 714-V2.0

    This HDMI extender splitter includes one transmitter and four receivers, extend 1 HDMI source up to 5 HDMI displays over single CAT6/6a/7 cable. The highest resolution is 4K@60Hz to 30m, and it supports IR pass back, a main feature is only one power adapter for the transmitter is required as the Receiver is powered by the transmitter over CAT6 cable!. Ideal solution for Foxtel iQ4, HDCP2.2, Video conference/Training rooms, Home Theatre etc.  See specs and diagram at left. Add a few of our quality High Speed cables too!.



    HDMI 1×5 Splitter Cat6 4k 714-V2.0

  • Blustream HEX100CS Kit HDBaseT 4k to 70m

    Brilliant in design and use…

    This fantastc HDBaseT™ CSC Extender Set Supports HDMI2.0 4K60Hz 4:4:4 up to 70m (1080p up to 100m), Bi-directional IR & RS-232, EDID Management, HDMI Loop-Out, Audio Breakout, Bi-directional PoH (PoE), HDCP2.2. The HEX100CS-KIT HDMI2.0 4K60Hz 4:4:4 (18Gbps) HDCP2.2 HDBaseT™ extender set offers market leading features and outstanding value utilising CSC technology with video down conversion.

    The product extends HDMI, Bi-directional IR & RS-232 and Bi-directional PoH (PoE) up to lengths of 100m (4K to 70m). The Transmitter includes a HDMI loop-out for integrating local displays or cascading to multiple devices. The Receiver features simultaneous analogue stereo and digital coax audio breakout.

    Free delivery.
    Sent within 4 hours.

    think HDMI think…  EZYHD est. 2007

  • Blustream HEX100ARC-KIT-V2 HDBaseT Split Extender

    This Blustream HEX100ARC  KIT V2 HDBaseT Extender Splitter allows 4k up to 70m over HDMI/Cat6! along with the very best in performance and flexibility. The HEX100ARC-KIT-V2 extender is an industry leading 4K HDBaseT solution delivering HDMI with HDCP 2.2 support, Bi-directional IR, RS232 and PoH (PoE) up to lengths of 100m 1080p over a single CAT cable. The HEX100ARC-KIT-V2 also provides enhanced features including HDMI loop-out on the Transmitter, ARC via HDMI or Optical (S/PDIF) and an integrated 3-port Ethernet switch. So if you want top notch here it is:) See specs and inclusions below.

    think HDMI think… EZYHD est. 2007


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