HDMI Fibre Cable 2.1 (8k) Ruipro

Ruipro is known and revered with 38 distributors world wide. These Cables are absolute quality HDMI Fibre Optic cable with best micro chips used, and developed the their 8k HDMI UHD version to suit high-speed gaming, and long runs for projectors and the like. 
Great for new builds for future proofing, Provides super vision HDMI 2.1 TV, PJ and devices at astonishing speeds up to 48Gbps and more. The Ruipro “Hybrid” can provide 4:4:4: chroma sampling, richer colours, darker blacks, and brighter whites.
Supports eARC, ARC, VRR, Dynamic HDR, QTF, QMS, CEC, EDID, EMI-FREE,  no signal loss. The cable is thinner and softer than traditional Fibre cables so has a tighter bend radius and is less resilient to damage. Available in 8m to 50m. Each cable is fully tested to conform to all specifications.
Available in lengths 8m up to 50m.

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