HDFury AVRKey Split Audio & Video

Extracts audio and Integrates any UHD Source with this HDFury AVRKey 18Gbps, Audio Processor for Full HDMI audio to soundbar or receiver from any UHD or HD signal!. Supports all current audio and video formats – simply connect and forget. Pass-thru for UHD video (with HDR, DV, and HLG) up to 18Gbps to a  4K UHD Display + HD Audio to your ‘legacy’ HDMI equipped AVRKey or Audio Processor.

The ultimate add-on for your legacy devices For advanced Control and HDCP management add the optional GoBlue adapter to use IR, iOS, Android APP control of pre-sets. Very robust 18Gbps signal integrity, ensuring seamless integration even with marginal cables. NOTE our stock includes the revised chassis for improved performance. Remember HDFury AVRKey extracts audio where most HDMIsplittersdo not.

HDFury AvrKey always harnessing the power of electronic technology to create quality audio/video experiences has always taken a specialized skill. The company commenced in 2007 when many HDMI technologies were in their infancy. Even in those early days, HDfury was known for unparalleled expertise, creative thinking, and tireless energy. That reputation stands today, with a proven track record of in designing, producing, and distributing HDMI devices that provide the best video and audio, 

Uniting professionals from all over the world to develop the best AV products HDFury has one common goal, to bring support to the next level. HDfury has always been a design company at heart. The Innovation of products is the beating heart and the engine of the company. HDfury remains unsurpassed in defining functionalities. Simply put “Tomorrow’s Hardware Today”.

Ultra Scaling up to 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz

It offers impressive scaling modes to ensure that any HDMI/HDCP revision sink device get fed at its max capabilities ALWAYS and GUARANTEED. Featuring HDR Scaler, Upscale, Downscale, Passthru and Bypass mode as well as Chroma Conversion and Color Depth modification on the fly at 8, 10, 12 and 16bit for FHD, UHD and DCI 4096x2160p.


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