Eastwood hi fi
Have a read of Eastwood Hi Fi blurb, it’s rather fun as Steve gives his off the cuff view of all things Hi Fi and more, they have been in the HT business a very long time like 30 + years, for audio gear they offer top brand products at excellent pricing and real professional advice – see their specials.

Looking for some excellent info on Home Theatre? In the forums below, you can receive excellent advise from those in the know. (DTV is where EZYHD commenced way back in 2007!)

For all your video, music and game streaming needs

DTV Forum

Whirlpool Forum

Visit the site of our old mate the brilliant crime writer Rob Reid (been on 60 Minutes few times). His non fiction books are an awesome read, investigative journalism at its best and his books make not only a good read but a real nice gift too.

Rob Reid

Gatti Audio


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