Foxtel iQ4 to one or more TV

As many know its virtually impossible with 4k devices like AppleTV4, iQ4 etc. to one 4kTV then 1080p/1080i to more than more than 1 other non 4k TV, like 3 or 4  TV’s can be done but over long HDMI cables hard to instal in walls and limited to about 15m, hey it can be done over low cost easy to instal Cat6 cable/s only if you have deep pockets like two grand for an Aten for a 1×4 that will downscale to say 3 non 4k TV’s.

But wait we have the answer, by combining our Tesla 1×4 downscaling HDMI splitter with HDMI Cat6 extenders can go to 40m plus, but there is more – instead of 2 grand its less than $300 plus the low cost cables. Check out our range for other HDMI Splitting solutions.


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