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EZYHD birthday is today 27th September 12 years and into our 13th, it’s been a long road with so many twists and turns, but mostly enjoyable, read on.

It all began way back in 2007 when we had just completed our dedicated home theatre room with projector and 100” screen, me doing the HDMI pre cabling including speakers, it was an awesome set up. 

With a trip coming up to go visit few Aussie mates who work in Hong Kong thought might have a look for some HDMI cables while there for my mates on then DTV forum as I’d had couple private mails about them. Found out there was a HT show on at time of our visit, so one day dragged the good woman and off we went. Was able to order 20 x 2m even though MOQ was 200.

A few weeks after our return from HK the cables arrived, the rest was allowed to sell on DTV forum all at 50% discount, but then the avalanche started, emails non stop and many phone called asking could I get other lengths and devices, thought might be something in this so later reg name HDMIOZ, did a web site and BOOM off and running, we sold so many HDMI cables we ran out twice in peak season!.

The business was going like no tomorrow THEN mail arrived from big shot lawyers in USA claiming trademark rights to HDMI can’t use that name or else… near crapped myself, so $1000 later a Trade Mark lawyer we engaged in OZ advised us – the name HDMI is not fully registered but pending in Australia and had been for a while, however, in a three page letter advised – unless you have very deep pockets go choose another name, so we passed over the rights to HDMIOZ and in meantime asked our good friends at DTV forums for a new name, we selected EZYHD (easy high definition).

Of course in those days there were only a handful selling HDMI cables, these days every Tom, Dick and Harry are in the game so sales over the years dropped but our range of HDMI Splitters increased alarmingly and none more so since 4k and its ramifications of down scaling to other 1080p TV’s, we are approaching 500 sales with this new breed of HDMI Splitters that work so well with AppleTV4 and iQ4 etc., but some more luck came our way. 

An old online friend (Al) from DTV days alerted us back in May 2017 to a new breed of HDMI over Fibre Optic cable that can transfer all that video data 10m to 100m, and we should make contact with the manufacturer, we did. Our search had shown this new cable was getting rave reviews on AVS forums and Amazon too by projector owners all over the US. At first we were very hesitant due to the buy and retail pricing and the MOQ was high, but after some negotiation we agreed to take 10 x 10m sample, wow… they went out the door like hot cakes. 

So in 2018 EZYHD had the highest sales of any Ruipro Distributor World Wide! and in 2019 heading the same way. We have since been to the factory and seen how painstakingly these cables are manufactured using only the best materials along with microchips in plugs and scopes to assemble, impressive to say the least.

Another feather in our cap was marketing the brilliant and unique range of HDFury products throughout OZ, known as the Messiah of HDMI fixes, unique setups or stripping audio, video or converting. We’re just back from factory visit in Taiwan, very impressed with the technology, manufacture, packaging and most of all the CEO’s welcome and brilliant hospitality.

In closing, we are not the biggest boys in town far from it, but we do offer, no hassle warranty, personal service and advise, this is bourn out by the number of emails and calls in and out hours we receive. Hope you enjoyed the ramble as much as I did writing it!.

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