HDMI well think EZYHD in our 10th year!

G’day and…

hdmi-cableswelcome to our EZYHD Blog, a place where information is available on a raft of products and services as we enter our 10th year!. Its been one hell of a ride but interesting and really so much fun.
We do our utmost to provide super dooper personal service, advise, fast “local” ship out, local warranty😄.


Landing to us very soon is the fantastic Ruipro true 4K HDMI Fibre Optic cables, known world wide on numerous AV forums and sits like Amazon to be closeto best there is on the planet!, not cheap but the best always costs a few shackles more, see here

The HDMI over Cat 1×2 Splitter 
uses one short HDMI Cable from device (like Fox Box) to Splitter, then 1 short HDMI cable out to nearest TV then up to 50M to 2nd TV with low cost Cat6 cable. Sold out a few times so strike while iron is hot:) Fox box owners love them.

New models of 1×3 and 1×4 Splitter HDMI over Cat cable were released on May 2017, now instead of us importing a new Aussie distributor is in place so just about every Lenkeng extender splitter will be available from 27th July 2017, they can also ship fast direct from all capital cities except Darwin and Hobart, can see them and specifications here.


Ext4 copy



Of course the big seller is the 1×2 all HDMI Splitter up to 100 out the door each month, work really well with Foxtel, its strong too with an anodised metal casing not plastic. All above come with real local warranty.

Had email from well known local Greg a Home Theatre installer he’s over the moon about our HDMI Cat6 extenders, and a few customers are starting to post results on our newer HDMI over Cat6 cable splitters, its so nice to receive such excellent feedback.

Double Power Points with 2 USB are becoming so popular, so when your looking for that adapter look no more just plug your phone or pad into the wall plate, can be retrofitted by a sparky and installed in any home new or old,  has the correct Australian AS approval too and cheap as chips).

HDMI Splitter, HDMI Switcher, HDMI Extender
& HDMI Matrix the differences…

HDMI Splitters are usually 1 source device in like a DVD or Foxtel box in and either 2, 4, or even 8 &16 out (latter 2 for showrooms) and usually not by-directional. HDMI Switchers are the other way around can be up to 3 to 5 source devices in and 1 out, the latter more suited to old TV’s with limited inputs. HDMI Extenders do just that go around 40m is common, but can go hundreds of metres with some daisy chained models. HDMI Matrix allow for 4 devices in and 2 out, best part is you can send one device to one TV and another device to a second TV!.

All our devices are Foxtel friendly, well made and packaged, all come with warranty of course. All items are shipped from Qld and not some foreign port nor drop shipped. And you know you are dealing with a fair dinkum Aussie business!.

Our HDMI 1 in 2 out Splitter is our largest device seller with up to 100 a month leaving our door and being delivered across the length and breadth of OZ and its Foxtel friendly too. Not far behind is the newer HDMI Cat range of splitters.