EZYHD in our 12th year!

G’day and…

Welcome to our EZYHD Blog, a place where information is available on a raft of products and services in our 12th year!, now with over 39,000 customers its been a fantastic ride, so interesting and really so much fun. We do our utmost to provide super dooper personal service, have some unique products and competitive pricing with  local warranty 😄.

June 2019

Well it had to happen sooner than later Ruipro has released a range of 8k Ultra High Speed cables to the world market, so much so, its appearing in the press already on Stereonet. See the info and range here on site

Top Distributor…

It’s was announced at CES Las Vegas Jan. 2019 that EZYHD had the largest sales of any Ruipro Fibre Optic cables distributor World Wide. All this was due to hard work and the massive take up of this brilliant HDMI over Fibre Optic cable by projector AV resellers, consumers and the IT industry, we are really chuffed about this award and hope to emulate this achievement in 2019.

HDFury new updated products June 2019

Now Vertex2, Integral2, both brilliant devices can be seen here, HDFury products in OZ with Aussie warranty, HDFury are the Messiah when HDMI problems occur. The AVRKey now discontinued in favour of more expensive Integral2, but we have a few left (June 2019) a fantastic device that  has a host of features and can sen audio to a receiver and video to a display at same timew hen a HDMI slitter can’t.


HDfury Vertex2 is an advanced, multi-function video processor designed for PJ purists, calibrators and AV Installers but it isn’t cheap, it’s for those that simply want to resolve issues or the best 4K content possible and projector image and owners world wide are rejoicing.

Featuring dual HDMI inputs and dual HDMI outputs, Vertex2 works as a 4K 2×2 splitter, 2×1 switcher, 2×2 matrix, and 1080p to DCI scaler. It supports nearly any video and audio signal, including HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR video. Video formats are supported in up to DCI 4K60, 4:4:4, 600 MHz, 18 Gbps on input and output. On top of it all, Vertex offers advanced HDCP and EDID features.