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Dolby Vision from LLDV source on any HDR10 display.

Here we go, the mighty HDFury the Messiah of HDMI has done it yet again to add to their brilliant Vertex2 and Diva HDMI devices.

Add DV support to any HDR10 display from any DV/LLDV capable source is now a reality! Boost your HDR10 display capabilities with a stunning new method that started a growing hype on the major AV forums out there with more than 100K+ views on AVforums and AVSforum

That so called “hack” or “trick” is basically enabling any HDR10 display to render dynamic DV content from any LLDV capable source. Result is the greatest boost in picture quality that one can get for the money.

see it all here.

brought to you by EZYHD – HDFury supplier Australia

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