If doing a rebuild or new home and wall mounting a TV or ceiling Projector, insert min. 30mm conduit in wall for easy instal & updates. Also add front and rear speaker cable to walls along with Subwoofer cable for that neat out of site finish. Pre wall finish, gather and label cables with masking tap flap and cover ends with plastic bag (keeps dust out). Brush wall plates both protruding kind and inverted look good, can paint them wall colour too. Not forgetting to have the sparky instal the electrical plates in the right position.

TV Wall Instal:

Its said to view best with most TV’s instal about 1m from floor so your eyes are lined up to see one third from bottom of screen. When wall mounting the TV wall it must be screwed well into bricks or inner stud walls (not into Gyprock), if studs are not where you need them bolt timber to wall studs then TV wall bracket to those.

Long HDMI cable installation:

Always test all cables before a wall or floor instal. If a wall instal always feed a long cable down wall – do not pull upwards. Do not pull cables by the plugs or it may damage the cable. The Ruipro HDMI “Fibre” cable is perfect for 4k@60Hz, gamma 4:4:4 and to 18Gbps for projectors, the plugs are marked source and display (not bi-directional). 

HDMI over Cat cable Splitters:

We recommend 22awg to 24awg Cat6 cable, lower awg thicker inner core is, make sure all cables are seated properly and do not hot swap cables, have all devices off before plugging in. The IR sender provided fits on the Foxtel box in front of the emitter approx. 5cm in from RHS. If using Foxtel IQ3/IQ4 the former IQ2 remote or one from Foxtel or eBay (about $20) is required to convert Splitters Bluetooth to IR to control the Foxtel from another room (if additional remote/s are required) . HDMI splitters without Cat cable have a limited distance normally about 15m from device (like Foxtel) have no remote control (like HDMI/Cat type).

Instal cables:

Make sure all cables are properly seated into displays and devices, if using splitters with Cat cable its a must to have the pins seated correctly if installed by electrcian, most purchased commercially with plugs attached should be OK.  


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