New Integral2 – Vertex2 – AVR Key

New models from HDFury are becoming available. Integral 2 has been selling like hot cakes and Vertex2 with a host of new features coming soon, we are holding quite a  few of latter on back order, so jump in. AVR Key is being discontinued in favour of more expensive Integral2 so if you ant to run 4k to TV and split audio to amp etc. this is the go and we have few left so...

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How to wall mount TV

Always mount your TV a right height, many instal far too high for correct viewing, as a rule of thumb once seated you should be looking at one third of screen from bottom. example a 65” TV should be approximately 1m from floor to bottom of TV. Once correct height is known find down beams in stud wall using knocking method, or stud finder, measure from bracket to bottom of TV, add height from floor...

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HDMI 4k Splitter near a sellout again!

Third time lucky, the latest HDMI 4k 1×2 down scaling splitter has once again been a huge success third time, near sold out, another 100n the way arriving soon, so if depleted can backorder. Its fantastic unit that can send 4k to one TV and scale to another non 4kTV or provide 4k/4k. It also comes in a 1×4 version.   Yet if you prefer easy instal HDMI over Cat6 4k/1080pHD with device like Foxtel...

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HDMI 8k cable release

New HDMI 8k Cable  – As many know EZYHD is the Distributor of the RuiPro 4k HDMI Fibre Optic cables here in OZ and NZ. and available in 6m to 100m. Loved by projector owners world wide with rave reviews on USA Amazon and the massive AVS forums. New RuiPro… RuiPro have just released news of this new 8k version for those that wish to future proof and be ready for the massive HDMI 2.1...

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New HDMI 4k@60Hz Splitters

May 30th 2019 – Split HDMI Audio and Video. Quite a few times been asked why HDMI out of a splitter port into receiver for audio isno go and HDFury AVRKey is the answer. HDMI signal path – any device which sits between a Source and a Sink (Display) is called a Repeater (that may be an AVR, HDMI Switch, HDMI Matrix, HDMI Extender…) and must support the same range of signal formats and HDCP...

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EZYHD in our 12th year!

G’day and… Welcome to our EZYHD Blog, a place where information is available on a raft of products and services in our 12th year!, now with over 39,000 customers its been a fantastic ride, so interesting and really so much fun. We do our utmost to provide super dooper personal service, have some unique products and competitive pricing with  local warranty 😄. June 2019 Well it had to happen sooner than later Ruipro has released a range...

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