BenQ TK800M Rocks Australia

This BenQ’s is a mind blowing 4K home theatre projector, you might never buy a big TV again!.

There are still plenty who think home theatre projectors are only used by the rich and famous, well No!, we know in OZ its the lounge or media room where it all happens. You can spend about the same amount of money on a high quality home theatre projector as you would on large TV, however, a 4k picture to 120 inches in size is amazing – it’s like being there!. I’m very impressed with The TK800M. and not experienced anything quite like it for the money. Full specifications etc. here.

The picture looks awesome even on a wall and the 3,000-lumen lamp is nice, bright and crisp, the picture looks great even on a painted wall, but a good screen lifts it up 10 fold. So I’d suggest the TK800M home theatre projector and screen instead, the beautiful 4K picture beats most LED TVs. It presents movies, sports and especially gaming in another dimension, on the big screen, once viewed you’ll wonder why you waited to have a projector. This model has been a sensation world wide and is available now from EZYHD here with free Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cable! See the PJ, Screen, mount bundles!..

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