How to wall mount TV

Always mount your TV a right height, many instal far too high for correct viewing, as a rule of thumb once seated you should be looking at one third of screen from bottom. example a 65” TV should be approximately 1m from floor to bottom of TV.

Once correct height is known find down beams in stud wall using knocking method, or stud finder, measure from bracket to bottom of TV, add height from floor to know where to place mounting bracket. Using spirit level mark drill holes into timber, at this time mark wall plate with brushes for cables. Drill into studs mount wall bracket with 4 long timber screws, mount wall plate.

Firstly feed power and HDMI cables though to wall plate below. Have two people lift TV onto bracket and add HDMI cables and power cable to TV during the process by third person – or if room to do so after mount completed. Once TV on bracket, insert secure mounting pin.

Footnotes: You will need to have electrician install Powerpoint in position before commencing. Mounting TV in correct position most times this will avoid hitting cross member timber studs. HDMI cables and bullnose wall plates can be found on site. Do not mount TV to Gyprock only into stud walls. Its a good idea to add Vinidex inside wall if new build so HDMI cable upgrades are easier to complete.


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