Slide New Layer Finally completed our first full web site makeover in 5 years, completed 1.6.2020 It's finally completed our first full web site makeover in 5 years, we do hope you like it. Serving OZ with quality HDMI Cables, Splitters, Switchers etc. since 2007.
Slide Loved & revered World Wide for brilliant 4k Projection and absolute quality up to 100m!.
New 4k/8k 48 Gbps
released future proof
for HDMI 2.1
Australian - NZ Ruipro Distributor genuine trade enquires welcome
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Slide See Here simply brilliant! Huge range of HDMI Spltters To suit Apple TV 4, Foxtel 2/3/iQ4 ,many splitters downscale 4k(Br) to 1080p non 4k TV's automatically over HDMI cable or HDMI - Cat6 cable, check the specifications of our brilliant range. Slide Thousands shipped all over OZ during
the past decade latest "High Speed"
specifications and with absolute quality,
Capture it all with compliant HDMI
4k Cables from EZYHD.
For 4k above 5m see Ruipro.
4K HDMI cables
that perform!
See Here est. 2007 EZYHD see every last drop!
Slide See Here The Messiah of HDMI see Vision and hear Audio as it should be!

Super service + Aussie warranty - est. 2007 - 40,000+ customers!

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